Ethan J. Lutz

For Arvada City Council

I’ve always promised to be honest, faithful, and 100% transparent. I made that promise to my wife and I will make that promise to Arvada.

The Leadership Our City Needs

Hard-working. Honest. Responsible. Next-generation leadership for our city.

Actionable Issues

Ready to work on the things that are important to Arvada!

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Responsible Development

Encourage responsible development in Arvada that’s in-line with the community, as well as being forward-thinking and coordinated with the fast-paced growth of technology and society.

Urban Renewal

Arvada has issues with access to affordable housing, and the Arvada Housing Authority needs clear guidance for its urban development plans. I’ll work to make all new development decisions transparent and be sure everyone gets a voice in develpoment projects, especially those standing to benefit from affordable housing.

Jefferson Bypass
The Jefferson Bypass has been a topic of contention between the county and landowners. I’ll make sure that all voices are heard, and issues landowners have with the project are heard and addressed before, during, and after completion of the project.
Community Engagement & Education
Arvada’s growth begins with its youth, and is continued by its senior citizens. Working to educate both with up-to-date technology, making sure they can be their best selves each day, and giving them the resources to learn is a personal priority.
Working to find sustainable, renewable energy sources has long been another personal priority. Looking into sustainable alternatives to city energy, such as LNG and CNG for public transit and utilities, building more hybrid vehicle charging stations, and installing solar for city buildings will be one of my goals.

Homelessness in Arvada has been an issue and is one that requires compassion, fortitude, and understanding. By improving access to affordable housing and strengthening partnerships with nonprofits and other community organizations we can address it properly.


It takes teamwork to win, and your help will make the difference!


About Ethan Lutz

My name is Ethan Lutz and I’m running for City Council District 2 here in Arvada.

I was born on the coast of Oregon and grew up in Alaska in a family of five, with an older brother and sister. I moved to Colorado after high school to attend college at Western State College of Colorado in Gunnison and fell in love with Colorado. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Recreation with a minor in Geology. I’ve spent almost a decade enjoying Colorado’s mountains, lakes, trails, and all the beauty it has to offer. I met my wonderful wife, Kelly, in Denver, and have been married since 2010. We welcomed our son, Huxley, to Colorado on my birthday in 2014 and our daughter, Sadie, in 2016.

As a blue-collar, labor industry professional, I understand the value and importance of these often misunderstood jobs. I’ll work to support Arvada’s workers and their families, and invest in keeping them working. Whether union, non-union, or seeking to unionize, these workers are crucial to Arvada’s growth and their rights and views have to be heard. Health care workers are Arvada’s top industry for jobs, followed by construction and manufacturing workers. Their voices are instrumental in Arvada’s growth and development.

I’m proud to be in charge of a crew of workers and equipment that does roughly $20 million in annual revenue. I’m well-suited to take on the challenge of effectively managing projects and budgets. I look forward to finding the best ways to work with other city officials in managing Arvada’s budgets.

Why I’m running

I am confident in running for City Council because I am interested in people and in discussing issues that impact our community. I’m calm, cool, and someone you’d definitely take home to meet your parents. I take impartial, unbiased views on issues. When it comes to issues, I love to listen. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone deserves their story to be heard. I’ve always believed it’s not about who’s right and who’s wrong, but it’s about what’s the right and fair thing to do.

I want my children to grow up in a great community. Arvada is the perfect place for my family as well as yours. I feel I’m fit for the job because of the things we’ve done in our neighborhood. We’ve built a great sense of community in Lamar Heights by communicating with our neighbors and each other and I want to bring that to a larger scale. I am attentive to details and focused on results. I love rewarding, hard work, and being on the City Council for Arvada would give me the opportunity to hear from our other neighborhoods, and bring actions to their concerns seriously and respectfully.

I’ve always promised to be honest, faithful, and 100% transparent. I made that promise to my wife and I will make that promise to Arvada.

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News & Updates

Jeffco LWV Candidate Forum

I recently participated in the Jefferson County League of Women Voters Candidate Forum. District 2 forum begins @ 52:30.

Candidate Forum

I’ll be participating in the Arvada Candidate Forum, hosted by Representatives Tracy Kraft-Tharp and Brianna Titone and Senator Rachel Zenzinger, as well as The Jefferson County League of Women Voters.

APA Questionnaire

Joyce Richardson from Arvadans for Progressive Action sent me a questionnaire and I encourage everyone to read my responses. Arvadans for Progressive Action pride themselves on providing education, encouragement and resources to help our community push progressive ideals at local, state, and national levels.








Upcoming Events

Lamar Heights Block Party

June 1, 10am-4pm

Come join us in Lamar Heights for our annual block party on Otis Court! Food, fun, and plenty of activities for kids!